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  • What is plant-based cheeze?

    Plant-based cheeze made from the proteins of the name it takes, plants!
    There are various plants that can accomplish this but at Le Fromage we mainly use cashews and almonds as our go-to.

  • Why is vegan cheeze important to us?

    Well, the benefits seem endless but overall vegan cheezes are the perfect combination of benefits to yourself, our earth and the animals that live in it.
    100% dairy-free vegan cheezes without the need to trouble cow, sheep and goats sounds good to us!

  • Do we add any fillers or gums to our vegan cheezes?

    100% means exactly that and we live up to it!
    Our artisan cheezes are completely free of fillers or gums.

  • Is it organic?

    All. Organic. Everything.
    Avoiding exposure to unnecessary chemicals, increasing the true potential of nutrients, and protecting our environment by reducing soil and water pollution, why wouldn’t we?

  • How do I store the products?

    Vegan Cheeze

    - Keep refrigerated at 0 - 4°C
    - Sit at room temperature for 30 minutes before serving

    Chutney, Faux-Gras, Sans-Salmon & Chiaviar

    - Keep refrigerated at 0 - 4°C

    Keto Bread

    - Keep refrigerated at 0 - 4°C
    - Sit at room temperature for 15 minutes before serving

    Raw Cracker & Energy Ball

    - Keep in a snap lock container or store in a cool, dry place

  • How long is the shelf life?

    Consume our products as soon as possible for the best taste.

    For specific products, please refer to our online product pages or the best before date sticker on the package.

  • Can vegan cheeze be frozen?

    All in all, you can. However, it may slightly alter the texture of the cheeze while diminishing some of the good bacteria that is cultivated during fermentation.
    Most people prefer to enjoy it fresh while they can.

  • Can vegan cheeze be shredded?

    Just like you going to the gym, vegan cheeze can be shredded too!
    All you have to do is pop it in the freezer for about 10 minutes before shredding it on top of your favorite pasta, pizza or nachos!

  • Does vegan cheeze melt?

    Vegan cheeze with coconut oil will melt, so refrigerating those and most of our vegan cheezes are always a better option, given Hong Kong's warm and humid climate. You could also mix our vegan cheeze in your warm dish or under a broiler for a dish you may prepare.

  • Could you tell us some key facts about vegan cheeze of Le Fromage by Ma?

    Gluten free. Dairy-free. Naturally fermented. No additives. No preservatives. Need we say more?