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Our Ingredients

Our Ingredients

All of our hand-made cheezes are cashew and almond based, allowing us to tap into a whole new world of flavours which could even fool the most devoted cheese connoisseurs. Other ingredients like salt, nutritional yeast or herbs are added for flavour to give each wheel and type of cheeze its own unique personality.

Our Process

The nuts or seeds we use are soaked, blended and fermented with the same types of bacteria used to make dairy cheese. Then we add our flavourings like salt, nutritional yeast or herbs which are added for flavour. Prepared with our principles of raw veganism, all the food used is heated below 45 degrees celsius nor is it processed in any way. All our cheezes are made in house by our team at MA... and the Seeds of Life in Central. Nothing is factory produced. Freshness will always in the roots of every purchase you make. All our ingredients are naturally prepared through the principles of raw veganism, maintaining its nutritious value and earthy flavours throughout the process. The cheeze we make will seem like a craftsman’s work, bringing together vegan delights with an artisanal touch.

Our Chef

Chef Tina Barrat, the Hong Kong-based French jewellery designer turned raw-food maestro, began crafting culinary gems that showcase the splendour of natural ingredients. Her discovery of raw veganism changed her career and her life, inspired by British chef Russell James and later certified by Elaina Love of the Pure Joy Culinary Academy, she closed decide to open a small restaurant, Maya Café. Garnering a loyal gourmet following, in 2020 she planted the seeds for the full expression of her plant-based culinary philosophy at the Ma.. and the Seeds of Life. The guiltless pleasures of Barrat’s unique approach to plant-based eating has grown exponentially since the introduction of MA and Le Fromage is now the brainchild of a Chef’s journey that is just getting ready to take off in Hong Kong.