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Le Fromage by Ma

Vegan XO Sauce 純素XO醬 (100g)


Bringing an umami hotness to your favourite comfort food, our vegan XO sauce packs a sensational cruelty-free punch, handcrafted from mushrooms with ginger, Japanese tamari soy and more in a very intense mix.

這款純素 XO醬把XO醬的精粹提煉出來,主廚精選了多種菇菌,並加入辣椒、日本醬油及生薑調味,微辣惹味之餘口感豐富



Shelf life: refer to the best before date
Packaging: Jar

Ingredients: Mixed Mushroom, Grapeseed Oil, Vegetarian Oyster Sauce, Ginger, Tamari Soy Sauce


Hand-made in our kitchen

All our vegan delites are made with the freshest ingredients, this means your purchases will be at their freshest when you purchase them or place an order.

Raw Veganism

We specifically use the principles of raw veganism to our cooking techniques, alllowing us to preserve the truest nutrients through every bite you take.

Seasonal Specials

Given the creative and artisanal nature of Le Fromage, we will consistently use some of the best seasonal ingredients to bring novel culinary options to you when we can!

Our promise

We love everything the earth has given us, and we want to share it with you in both the real world and the digital world. Through this core promise we will be able to consistently innovate and reinvent how we perceive plant-based nutrition, without ever compromising on taste.


Consistency, Quality and Novel - Everything we do will remain of the highest standards you will find anywhere in Hong Kong!

Pure Origins

Pure Origins - Our ingredients come from mother nature, and that's why we source from fairtrade, sustainable and family orientated brands.

Doing good through mother nature's blessings with no compromises to taste.

MA was created to pay homage to the successive generations of talented women in Chef Tina Barrat's family, and to Mother Nature who protects, provides for and beautifies life.

All of our hand-made cheezes are cashew and almond based, allowing us to tap into a whole new world of flavours which could even fool the most devoted cheese connoisseurs. Other ingredients like salt, nutritional yeast or herbs are added for flavour to give each wheel and type of cheeze its own unique personality.



Chef Tina Barrat, the Hong Kong-based French jewellery designer turned raw-food maestro, began crafting culinary gems that showcase the splendour of natural ingredients. Her discovery of raw veganism changed her career and her life, inspired by British chef Russell James and later certified by Elaina Love of the Pure Joy Culinary Academy, she closed decide to open a small restaurant, Maya Café. Garnering a loyal gourmet following, in 2020 she planted the seeds for the full expression of her plant-based culinary philosophy at the Ma.. and the Seeds of Life. The guiltless pleasures of Barrat’s unique approach to plant-based eating has grown exponentially since the introduction of MA and Le Fromage is now the brainchild of a Chef’s journey that is just getting ready to take off in Hong Kong.


Vegan XO Sauce 純素XO醬 (100g)

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